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 Movie Ratings Topic

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PostSubject: Movie Ratings Topic   Movie Ratings Topic EmptySun Sep 13, 2009 9:00 am

This topic will show you all the movies we've previously reviewed. The overall rating of the movie will appear here and a brief summary of the pros and cons as well. This topic will be kept up to date and a link to the review will be provided


Movie Ratings Topic Img_1_pr

Bullshitters Rating: 8/10

Why?: Rocky Balboa had a very interesting story that shows how after so many years of retirement Rocky still has the urge to fight. The thing that caught me off guard was the fight, it was done surpisingly well.

Full review-


Movie Ratings Topic 4864176

Bullshitters Rating: 0.1/10

Why?: The movie was a huge disappointment. It was all over the place and nothing was done right. They introduced unneeded characters, the action was poor, and the acting made us cringe.

Full review-


Movie Ratings Topic IndianaJones4Poster2

Bullshitters Rating: 6/10

Why?: Nowhere near as great as Raiders or Crusade but it was still quite the adventure. A lot more silly than it's predecessors and has some unneeded bits ( Aliens...Aliens?!) but overall a great way to spend an afternoon.

Full review-

TALLADEGA NIGHTS- The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Movie Ratings Topic Talladega-nights-resized-450

Bullshitters Rating: 7.5/10

Why?: The movie was one of the funniest AT THE TIME. Looking back at it, the movie does not seem as funny as it used to be. Not even close in fact if we would rank again it would probably be a 5.5 but that's just me. Had some good jokes, had some bad jokes.

Full review-


Movie Ratings Topic Transformers

Bullshitters Rating: 8.5/10 ( Ignore Phil in this one, he was high on hype)

Why?: The movie has action and has acting and has a story... the problem is the movie sometimes takes itself a bit too seriously or gets too silly when it should be serious. Also Shia Lebouff's character seems to be the same he's played in 3/4 of his movies. But hey, we got Optimus' original VA.

Full review-
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Movie Ratings Topic
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