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PostSubject: WAZZA!!!!!!!!   Fri Oct 02, 2009 8:24 pm

Wassup Everyone!?!?!

Ok so yeah im new XD

What much can i say......WARDOGMADE ME COME HERE ask me polietly to join XD

Well i wanna introduce myself so here it goes.


My name is Cameron but you can call me: Cam, Denta, L, Ryuzaki, Ezio, or CamOtaku.

I Love video games with all the passion of my heart XD 'Tis why i want to become a Video Game designer when i grow up.

Just started Highschool, Love making videos for youtube, Got a series started, and....ya XD.

Im obsessed with the "XD" emoticon if you havent noticed yet lol.

If anyone wants to chat, rant, help with my series, or just chill, my msn is :


Oh also im obssesd with Naruto cuz its Frikin' amazin' !!!!

and my fave quote(i use this all the time) is "I Am So AWESOME!!!!"


So ya thats a lil bit bout me hope this Forum gets bigger and bigger for wardogs sake XD

Talk to EVERYONE or so help me if i dont get to talk to everyone of you ill assassinate you all with a watermelon of you and cya soon!

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