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 Fake Guide Syllabus

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Fake Guide Syllabus Empty
PostSubject: Fake Guide Syllabus   Fake Guide Syllabus EmptyFri Feb 05, 2010 2:45 pm

Well it seems the crew of Lostworlds has decided to join the fray and each compose their own Fake Guide. Well, I couldn't be more proud. Still, there's a lot of steps you'll need to know to finish this puppy. Here's the syllabus you all can refer to at any time. Each update is every two weeks...

Update 01
Announce Your Idea
No titles needed
(that was last update btw)
Update 02 (today)
Give me 5 facts about your idea
and go over the syllabus
Update 03 ( two weeks from today)
1 Full page of information on your Fake Guide
Title ( tentative or official)
Update 04
Give me a rough draft of your Demo
Your Demo is one chunk of your fake guide and is indepth
information in the demo does not have to be final mind you
Update 05
Constructice Criticism- share ideas thus far and discuss the pros and cons of each
Update 06
10 pages of information
Further Discussion
Update 07
Complete Demo of your now polished guide
also start thinking of an outline
Update 08
Your Guide so far, this is the midpoint
when we reach this your progress determines how we continue
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Fake Guide Syllabus
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