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PostSubject: OBEY THE RULES!   OBEY THE RULES! EmptyTue Aug 11, 2009 4:19 pm

» Rules
These rules are to be followed to the pixel. For every rule you break you will either receive a PM about the broken rule or a warning. When you've reached five warnings, you will be permanently banned. To avoid getting warnings, simply abide by the following rules:

1. No Spam - Spam can be a lot of things. Here is a small list of items that are considered to be spam:

- Posts must still be on topic. If the thread is straightforward enough to be replied with a simple "Yes," then it is still within regulation. If the thread demands a more elaborate response, then a "Yes", "k", or "no" will still be considered spam and you will be punished. The required words are gone; the requirement for content is not.

- Because other members can present the point of an argument perfectly and you wish to emphasize it, then quote-only posts are allowed. Once again, if the quote is irrelevant, it's spam and you will be punished.

-Any post with only "lol" is NOT acceptable at ANY TIME. NEVER. EVER. .

- Posts that consist mostly of Emoticons

- Double Posts (Use the Edit Button!) (This will be excused if the double post is to update a project of some sort)

- Posts that do not pertain to the topic at hand

- Posts that excessively use Caps or l33t.

- Posting that somebody broke a rule or posted in the wrong forum. We don't need 10 people pointing this stuff out. It's best to report it and let a mod deal with it

- Topics that are like "I know everything about X"

- Posts that say only "I came", THIS IS NOT CONTENT!

- Topics that are like "Rate a X"

- Topics that are just clones of previous topics

- Topics that have no meaning. This includes topics like "Let's just chat" "I wan to say Hi to X member(s)" "Let's talk about whatever" Basically any topic that turns the forum into a chatroom, is there just for the sake of posting or should just be pmed to the person.

- Topics with titles that are totally misleading from the topic's real meaning

2. Topic Specific Rules - From time to time, a topic made by a moderator or administrator will have specific rules (ex: Post your Picture, Ask the Webmaster) Just follow these rules and you'll be fine. Remember all posts and pictures in these threads must follow other forum rules as well. These topics sometimes are not made by mods, but are stickied or announced by one. Follow the topic rules regardless

3. Signatures/Avatars - Due to past problems with both devised the following rules:

i. Can be no larger than 450X150, only GIF, JPG and PNG files are allowed.

ii. Cannot have double-spaced text

iii. Can have up to 4 images but their combined size cannot be larger than 450X150. This includes the forced space between them when posted

iv. Can include flash but only 1 allowed per signature.(must be visible)

v. Cannot be larger than 256KB in file size as a total

vi. Your flash movie cannot play music automatically

vii. MUST have a loading device of some kind (for Flash signatures)

viii. May only have one line of text with max size image or a spoiler tag. Smaller images will allow for more text (this is up to a mod to decide) , other wise they have to be in a spoiler tag.

i. You cannot have an Avatar larger than 100X100

ii. Your Avatar cannot be larger than 75KB

4. Flaming/Trolling/PM Spamming - If you are reported for flaming, trolling (spamming to the extreme), and PM spamming. If you don't know what flaming it's basically insulting, but on a higher level. Trolling can result in an immediate ban.

5. Nudity/Obscene Content in General - If you post anything related to an obscene site (a site whose content is rated 18 years or older by American standards). This includes drawn or fake nudity of any kind. We do not allow nudity in any form what so ever. Sexual situations are also strictly forbidden. A warning or a ban can be dealt out for signatures on the discretion of the moderator dealing with the case. Putting warnings in the topic about the content does not count and can still get you in trouble. This can result in an immediate ban.

6. Cursing Policy - We do allow cursing, although we ask that you be mature about it. Our age ranges from 10-26 (from what we've seen thus far), so please keep this in mind.

7. Religion - ALL religious talk is banned from the forum. This is due to possible trouble it can cause; we've seen it hundreds of times and it never ends in a good way.

8. Personal Matters - We ask that you take all personal matters to PM with members. This includes personal disputes, birthdays, reminders, and comments on post counts or user profiles, unless there is a topic devoted to them. You may post additional comments along with an on-topic post, but we do require all personal disputes to be conducted through PM at all times. This does not mean flaming someone over pms that doesn't want to talk to you.

9. Respect your Peers and Superiors - The moderators and admins are here to keep the forum running smoothly and with a minimum of discontent. Please comply with any request a moderator makes of you while on the forum. Refusal to comply can result in a warning. Treat other members with respect as well, if you have a problem with someone try to resolve it over PM, if you spills over onto the forum both parties will be punished.

10. Multiple Accounts - We do not allow multiple accounts. This can result in an immediate ban; further breaking of this rule will result in instant bans including your IP.

11. Illegal Activity - Trading or advertising of anything that would be considered illegal activity is prohibited. If you wish to do such things, do it on AIM or some other IM program, not here.

12. Grammar Nazi - Posts that mainly point out grammar or spelling mistakes are unwanted on the forum. These posts are technically spam and sometimes flame posts. If you're having trouble understanding a post, then ask nicely to have it clarified.

13. Thread Crapping - Thread crapping can be doing or attempting to do one (or a combination) of the following: Flamebaiting , serious off-topic posting, or ruining the thread. These posts are deliberate acts of ruining a thread and will not be tolerated.

14. Harassment - Though this is technically cover by the personal matters rule and the flame/pm spamming rule, this has become a growing problem on this forum. We do not condone the harassment of members on this forum, regardless if it's a public post or a pm. If you believe you are being harassed by another member, please contact a Mod/Admin by pm.
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